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Woodworking glue / puzzle glue-Shanghai Zhen Niu Chemical Co., Ltd.
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    Woodworking glue / puzzle glue
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    Woodworking glue / puzzle glue

    The wood glue is a two-component water-based adhesive which is mainly composed of a water-dispersed emulsion and a special process by using isocyanate as a curing agent.

    It has the characteristics of rapid curing at room temperature, water resistance, weather resistance, heat resistance, strong solvent resistance, toughness and high bonding strength. ◆ With hot pressing performance. The pH value is close to neutral and does not pollute the wood and does not deteriorate.

    ◆It is suitable for finger jointing, splicing, splicing, installation and production of wood products such as laminated timber, high-grade furniture, high-grade plywood, decorative panels and composite flooring. It can bond wood materials such as hardwood, softwood, hardwood, and inorganic materials.

    ◆ Planing or sanding the surface of the bonded object, the processing precision is controlled within ±0.1mm, ensuring that the surface of the substrate is smooth and smooth, no thrift, no cracks, no oil, dust; the moisture content of the substrate is adjusted to less than 15 Below %; the moisture content of adjacent substrates differs by no more than 5%.

    ◆ The main agent and curing agent are mixed at a ratio of 100:15 (weight ratio) and stirred for 3 to 5 minutes until the emulsion is homogeneous. Each batch of glue must be used within 1 hour (20 ° C) to avoid waste of waste. A small amount of air bubbles will appear during use, and the bubbles will be eliminated by stirring, without affecting the bonding quality.

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