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    502 glue

    502 glue

    Product profile

     502 adhesive is mainly α-cyanoacrylate ethyl ester, adding tackifier, stabilizer, toughening agent, inhibitor, etc., through advanced production technology, one component of the instant curing adhesion, can adhere to a lot of things. 502 glue exposed to place, Contact with a small amount of water vapor in the air, that is, the catalytic rapid polymerization and curing adhesion characteristics, so it is called instant adhesive. 502 glue colorless transparent, low viscosity, flammable liquid, single component, solvent-free, slightly irritating, volatile, Volatile gas with weak tearing. 502 glue is used for porous and absorbent materials followed by iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, rubber, leather, steel, non-ferrous metals, rubber, leather, Plastics, ceramics, wood, non-metallic ceramics, glass and flexible materials such as rubber products, leather shoes, soft, hard plastic, such as self or mutual bonding, but to polyethylene, polypropylene, polytetrafluoroethylene and other non-adhesive materials, Its surface needs special treatment, can bond. Widely used in electrical appliances, instruments, machinery, electronics, optical instruments, medical, light industry and other civil industries.

     usage method

    1, to clean the surface before use, remove the surface dust, oil, rust, etc., when bonding to metal, it is best to grind the rough, PE,PP and other plastic bonding, should first make its surface activated.

    2, open the front cover of the glue bottle and gently button the tip with your finger so that there is no residual liquid, and then use scissors to cut out the hole.

    3, drop a small drop of this glue on the surface of the adhesive, immediately bond and maintain until its hardening, of course, the bonding area should not be too large.

    4, after use wipe clean glue bottle and cover, stored in a cool dry place or refrigerated

    Security matters

    This product adheres quickly, prevents the skin in operation, the clothing is glued, this product has weak tear, guard against splashing into the eye, pay attention to ventilation when using.

    1. The vapors of the adhesive irritate the eye, so be careful when using it.

    2, avoid contact with the skin and enter the eyes, in case of accident, should be washed immediately with a large amount of clear water and sent to the hospital, wash eyes, can use dilute sodium bicarbonate solution.

    3, when touching the hand, wash the hand with soapy water, detergent or pumice.

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